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Shoulder Massage

What You’re Feeling 

  • Pain

  • Muscular imbalance

  • Postural habits and aches

Massage Pressure

  • Deep to strong


Deep tissue massage is aimed at everyone. The treatment is most effective for postural habits due to occupational, repetitive activities and emotional influences on the body.

This massage removes accumulation of residues of lactic acid trapped in the tissue and can be of specific help to individuals with the following:-

  • Chronic joint or muscle injuries

  • Considerable strains on muscles and joints

  • People suffering from stress

  • Athletes or sport enthusiasts

  • Relief from tension, pains and aches

Techniques Used

  • Heel of the hand

  • Reinforced hands

  • Forearm

  • Cam & spindle

  • Trigger points & neuro-muscular technique


We do not recommend this treatment if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Circulatory problems

  • Diabetes

  • Epilepsy

  • Thrombosis

  • Pregnant

  • Undertaking active cancer treatment

  • Heart condition

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